Best Freestanding Tents for 2 Persons for 2021

Freestanding tents eliminate the hassle of having to spend so much time trying to set up your tent with ropes, cords, and stakes. You need them if you are to camp on a variety of surfaces including hard rocks since, with non-freestanding tents you have to be selective of your campground. I brought you the 5 best 2 person freestanding tents on the market.

There are important features you have to take into account when buying these tents, and I have highlighted these. In addition, I have also compiled a buyer’s guide wherein I help you take the right decision. The first three products are categorized into the top pick, budget pick, and runner-up.

Best Freestanding Tent for 2 Persons Reviews

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent

Weight: 7.3 pounds

Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 46 inches

Number of doors: 2 doors 2 vestibules


Freestanding tent for two people. It is easy to setup with shock-absorbing fiberglass poles and is made of water-resistant polyester


Not best-suited for strong winds

Bottom Line:

Certainly a freestanding tent worth considering for anyone resenting the enormous time and hassle it takes in setting up the non-freestanding tents.

If you and I share the same sentiments of hating the enormous time it takes to setup non-freestanding tents, then this tent could be yours too. It has all the great features to take your camping to the next level. Don’t be fooled by the size. The tent has great features such as a water-resistant and UV-resistant polyester fly.

If heat is your biggest enemy the tent has ample ventilation for you. The mesh panels and mesh roof offer adequate ventilation to reduce condensation. That’s not all though! The windows are zippered meaning you can let in enough airflow on demand.

On overall, the tent comes with 8 zippers, stakes, guy ropes, poly taffeta floor, and mesh storage pockets. Like I mentioned, it is a freestanding tent so you do not really have to attach it to anything if there’s no strong wind. Only strong wind can be your worst enemy, and in that regard, the non-freestanding tent takes the trophy.

Sleeping in a freestanding tent is an enjoyable moment with its two doors and two vestibules. You don’t have to jump anyone to get out nor do you have to spend a night with your gear whereas you can put it under the vestibules.

Features & Specs 

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent is a tent worth-having with its great features.

  • Water resistant and UV-resistant polyester fly
  • Two doors and two vestibules
  • Mesh roof and zippered windows for enough airflow
  • Mesh storage pockets and vestibules for additional storage
  • Freestanding tent to orientate to any position after assembling



User Impressions

ALPS brand is a popular choice for most customers. This 2-person tent is a testimony to the great range of products the brand offers. Many users are impressed with its overall build and functionality. It’s effortless to erect. But it is not a good consideration if camping amid strong winds.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

Weight: 7.9 pounds

Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 48 inches

No. of doors: 2 doors 2 vestibules


Freestanding tent with enough storage – made of quality polyester material


No footprint included to extend the longevity of the floor

Bottom Line:

This is yet another great budget freestanding tent from ALPS Mountaineering Brand, but this time a budget-friendly option

ALPS Mountaineering brand manufactures a broad range of tents and I found this to be best suited for the budget-constraint buyers if you’re one of them. Despite being budget-friendly, it does not trade its comfort, functionality or performance. This brand is always on point with bringing the best freestanding tents.

The installation is easy with no worry of finding a ground with soft soil so you can pitch the tent. In case you are pitching the tent in moderate winds or for stability reasons, it comes with stakes and guy ropes to attach it. There are ideally no accessories needed for this freestanding tent.

With the polyester fly, you can survive precipitations or any humid and wet environments. It also protects against the damaging UV rays. This, in fact, extends its durability. The interior design is spacious enough with storage pockets included. The vestibules also help provide additional storage, especially those muddy boots soaked in rain.

The mesh panels and mesh zippered doors add value in providing more ventilation, while the zippered windows also give you the opportunity to open them up when you need more airflow into the tent.

Features & Specs

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent has a broad range of features and specs despite being a budget-friendly tent.

  • Easy to assemble this freestanding tent
  • Mesh panels and doors for more ventilation
  • Zippered windows
  • Water resistant and UV resistant polyester fly
  • Two pole design with shock absorbing fiberglass poles
  • Storage pockets and vestibules for more storage



User Impressions

People are impressed with a superior performance of this freestanding tent. It is a product worth-buying with all the features to make your camping worthwhile. The interior design is spacious for two people while the storage pockets and dual vestibules help each to save their gear.

Kelty TN 2 Person Tent

Weight: 4.9 pounds

Dimensions: 83 x 42 x 50 inches

No. of Doors: 2 doors 2 vestibules


Sturdy freestanding tent to set up within a few minutes. Overall construction is of top-notch quality with weather protection.


A bit more expensive than the other ones in this freestanding tent review

Bottom Line:

The tent is a must-have with its broad range of features. It stands strong and it is easy to set up.

Kelty brand is also a well-known brand to customers with its freestanding tents. While the floor area is not really the most spacious compared to others on my list, it is still sufficient for two people. Besides, the vestibules are provided for a reason to help ease the storage.

Combined with the vestibules are double doors on either side which make it convenient to exit and enter without disturbing your partner.

The tent makes it enjoyable to sleep at night while stargazing through the mesh fly. The rainfly is also provided. With the overall weatherproof construction, you will enjoy camping throughout 3 seasons. The taped floor and fly seams add to the waterproof construction.

You get to see what’s outside without opening the windows thanks to the clear windows. And if you need enough airflow the mesh vents are in place, or you can even rely on the doors since they have vestibules.

This tent comes with a 14-inch pole section for ease of setup. It comes packaged in a tent cube storage sack for ease of transport as well.

Features & Specs

The Kelty TN 2 Person Tent is an incredible compact tent that is easy to set up. It has loads of features including the following:

  • Stargazer fly and rainfly
  • 5 square feet inches of interior space
  • Storage pockets plus double vestibules
  • Clear windows and dual doors
  • Mesh vents for adequate ventilation
  • Weatherproof and waterproof construction



User Impressions

This is an impressive tent although a bit expensive compared to the rest. I made it a runner up based on its great features not necessarily based on the price. Setting this tent is an absolute breeze and it will protect against treacherous weather conditions. Many buyers are impressed with its performance hence it has so many positive reviews.

Marmot Crane Creek Camping Tent

Weight: 4.8 pounds

Dimensions: 86 x 50 x 43 inches

No. of doors: Dual doors dual vestibules


100% seam-taped providing a full weather protection.


No setup instructions

Bottom Line:

This is, without doubt, one of the best freestanding tents for 2 persons you wouldn’t want to miss for your next backpacking trip. It’s effortless to set up even without the instructions.

If you have a wealth of experience in setting up tents then the absence of instructions in this tent shouldn’t really be a problem. It’s obviously a freestanding tent so I think the manufacturer took advantage of that and saw no need to include the instructions.

The overall design of the tent is impressive with dual D-doors for each to exit through own door without stumbling onto the sleeping partner. Ultra-light campers will find this tent suitable for their needs because it is lightweight while the interior design is still spacious enough at 32 square feet inches. Meanwhile, the seam-taped construction protects you from the outside harsh weather elements.

Aluminum series poles were used in constructing the tent because the metal is not prone to rusting or corroding when exposed to the precipitation, unlike steel which needs treatment. Furthermore, aluminum is lightweight and durable, so you will enjoy your camping occasions without being bothered by a shortened lifespan of the tent.

Features & Specs

Marmot Crane Creek Camping Tent is a feature-rich freestanding tent with the following specs and features.

  • 32 square feet inches of interior space
  • Dual doors and dual vestibules
  • Made of durable 7000 series aluminum poles
  • Easy to setup though there are no instructions provided
  • Seam-taped weatherproof rainfly



User Impressions

Many are impressed with the overall design and weather protection of this freestanding tent. They actually find it easy to setup without the instructions provided. However, beginner campers find it really challenging. You may ask an experienced person to help you out.

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent

Weight: 4.75 pounds

Dimensions: 85 x 43 x 57 inches

No. of doors: 1 door 1 vestibule


A compact freestanding tent for 2 persons from a reputable brand, best suited for 3 seasons of camping


1 door and 1 vestibule

Bottom Line:

It’s a tough freestanding tent with superb protection from water and weather. It’s easy to set it up with color-coded clip construction.

Here’s another Kelty 2-person tent this time with one door and one vestibule. Well, I must say that is the only inconvenience I have noted so far. Imagine having to jump your sleeping partner to exit through a single door. Again, the single vestibule may be insufficient storage for gear for only two people. Nonetheless, the overall design is impressive.

Since it is a freestanding tent, it’s easy to move it around while looking for a better place. No need to disassemble it as you would do with a non-freestanding tent. For anyone prepared to spend the hard-earned dollars, this is tent could be your best investment despite its minor flaws of a single door and a single vestibule.

The stakes and the stuff sack are included for ease of storage and installation. Its color-coded clip construction helps you feed the poles effortlessly into the tent sleeves.

Features & Specs

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 has all the features to make your camping adventure enjoyable. From the sturdy and solid freestanding design to the protection against the elements, it is indeed a great buy.

  • Freestanding 2 person tent
  • Single door and single vestibule
  • 2 aluminum poles
  • Color-coded clip construction
  • Stuff sack and stakes included
  • 3 season tent



User Impressions

Users applaud the performance and a solid construction of the tent despite it having a single vestibule and a single door. It is easy to set up with color-coded clip construction, stakes and 2 aluminum poles.

Freestanding Tents for 2 Persons – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Design
  • Storage
  • Weather Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Price

Different Freestanding Tent Designs

The design of the tent is of paramount importance. All of these products are freestanding solid constructions which make it easy to move around and simple to shake it to clear any remaining water from its surface.

Freestanding tents are, however, not good for strong winds, so you might need stakes and robes to attach them for that security, or look for a tent that is not freestanding.

The tents come with a minimum of two poles for ease of setup. You can even set up the tent without the instructions as in the Marmot Crane Creek Camping Tent. But beginners may find it challenging to achieve that.

Otherwise, opt for those with assembling instructions like my top pick ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent. It comes with guy ropes and stakes to fasten it in case you encounter strong winds.

Storage in a Freestanding Tent

Two-Person freestanding tents are generally small, so your gear may inconvenience you if you sleep with it in spite of the storage pockets included. The rescue to your storage problems comes from the additional vestibules.

All my products except the Kelty Grand Mesa 2 come with dual doors and dual vestibules. You can leave your gear under the vestibule as additional storage.

Also worth considering is the interior space of the tent. My runner-up Kelty TN 2 Person Tent comes with a 27.5 square feet inches of interior space which is sufficient for a couple to sleep in but not to add bulky gear. If you want a larger space you may consider the Marmot Crane Creek Camping Tent with 32 square feet inches of interior space. Also, you can opt to buy a Teton Camping Cot to get even more room to store stuff.

Are Freestanding Tents good for Bad Weather?

Camping in the wilderness comes with unpredictable weather conditions. You never know what can happen the next day. That being said, you need a great freestanding tent with superior weather protection. Polyester fly seems to be outshining other fabrics. Other tents come with specific rainfly for a 100% protection against the rain.

Ventilation in a Freestanding Tent

To reduce condensation you need enough ventilation. Most of these tents come with mesh vents, mesh panels, mesh roofs and mesh windows. Even the doors have mesh vents to provide enough air. Look for these features when making a purchase.

You must note that more mesh vents actually discredit the tent’s ability to be used for winter camping.


Most people are deceived by the prices to an extent of regarding low priced tents as inferior in quality. It is not always the case. My budget pick, the ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent actually proves most of you wrong. It has all the great features but affordable.

My take is that always check the features before considering the price tag.

Wrapping up this Freestanding 2 person tent review!

I have come to the end of the 5 best 2 person freestanding tent for your camping adventures. If you don’t want the hassles of the non-freestanding tents where you spend more time erecting them, then these tents are for you.

In addition to the solid freestanding construction, I have considered other indispensable features such as ventilation, storage, and weatherproof construction. My buyer’s guide wraps up the reviews by discussing the important features to look for.5 Best Freestanding Tents for 2 Persons Reviewed and Rated in 2021