Best Reclining Camping Chairs with Footrest

Camping chairs have a bad reputation for their lack of comfort and versatility. That is, unless you own one of the best reclining camping chairs with footrest. Such a chair allows you to recline comfortably and relax after a long hike, giving a more armchair-like than uncomfortable stool feel. Check out our recommended 10 top reclining camping chairs with footrest to find the right one for your adventures…

 1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair with Footrest

When it comes to the best reclining camping chairs with footrest, few models can compare to the Timber Ridge XL. This chair boasts a truly wide seat, high weight capacity, super durable construction, and, most importantly, a very comfortable design. 

Let’s start with the frame by saying that it’s made of powder-coated steel and can hold up to 350 pounds – one of the best options for larger campers. The seat is also an extra-wide 21 inches made from durable stretched polyester.

In its reclined position, the Timber Ridge offers 72 inches of length to spread out on. For very taller campers, this might come up short, but for everyone else, it’s plenty of fabric to lounge in. 

The footrest comes up at a very ergonomic angle and is rated as one of the most comfortable chairs for people with back problems. The armrests are made from real wood and look fantastic; a plastic cup holder hangs from the frame, which is much sturdier than the fabric or mesh ones that are usually attached to the armrests.

The only real downside to this well-built and feature-laden chair is that it’s not very portable. It weighs 25 pounds and measures 30 by 37 inches when folded; that’s not ideal for packing in smaller cars or even hauling around the campsite. 

It’s also quite a bit pricier than other reclining camping chairs, but you really get what you pay for. No doubt, one of the best reclining camping chairs with footrest you can find.

 2. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Ottoman

The Swimways Kelsyus is a very different kind from its competitors, featuring an ottoman rather than the typical fabric footrest. The quad frame has two arms that extend along the ground to a fabric ottoman, which Swimways claims is more stable, due to more chair legs touching the ground, than its competitors’ designs.

The other feature that sets it apart from the pack is the integrated sunshade, which covers the chair from the backrest to around your knees. Depending on the angle of the sun, it can be a lifesaver – or it can turn out to be completely useless. 

Consider that carefully before buying, as it adds some bulk to the chair, reducing its portability and taking up more space in storage; unless there’s no other shade at your campsite, you might want to pass on this sort of feature. 

However, the sunshade doubles as the chair’s carry bag when you go to put it away. Aside from those features, the Swimways Kelsyus is a pretty standard chair with a single mesh cup holder.

This chair tries to do a lot while still being affordable, and so they had to cut some corners in terms of construction. 

It can only hold 250 pounds, considerably less than most reclining camping chairs. The seat fabric is thin and doesn’t hold up well to years of abuse. It is best suited for occasional users that will make use of all its unique features.

 3. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports’ zero gravity chair is essentially a less expensive version of the Timber Ridge XL. The features are similar: a strong fold-out frame, a tightly stretched polyester seat, and a cushioned headrest. 

Where they differ is in quality. Because it uses a lighter frame, the Infinity can only hold 300 pounds, but also weighs five or so pounds less than the Timber Ridge XL. The fabric isn’t quite as durable either, and you definitely need to keep it stored in the shade if you want it to last for more than a summer.

One of the most noticeable differences, though, is the lack of storage on the Infinity. Not only does it have nowhere to store books or a phone, but it also doesn’t have a cup holder – something that’s seen on nearly every camping chair model.

However, if you’re looking for an excellent zero gravity style chair and the Timber Ridge XL seemed overbuilt for your needs, this is a good alternative.

 4. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair

ALPS Mountaineering is a leader in the camping chair market, and their Escape is one of the best options for those wanting a lightweight lounger. Coming in at a mere 12 pounds, it’s one of the lightest chairs on this list, as well as on the market. 

Its lower weight is mostly a function of design – the Escape is just an ALPS Mountaineering quad chair with two arms jutting out from the seat and a piece of fabric stretched over them. 

There are no stabilizing features like extra feet, so you’ll need to be careful getting in and out of this chair to prevent a rollover. Its frame can also only handle 225 pounds, making it one of the flimsiest chairs reviewed. 

Additionally, the footrest is only large enough to hold your feet, and there’s no fabric between it and the seat; your legs won’t be getting any support with this model.

As far as camping recliners go, this is a rather minimalist chair. It’s designed for portability, rather than comfort or durability. However, it weighs half of what some of the burlier camp chairs do, making it a whole lot easier to tote around. 

It also folds into a bag that’s no larger than the regular quad chairs – taking up an 8-inch by 41-inch space in your closet. A great buy for those looking for a compact camping chair.

 5. OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Folding Camping Chair with Footrest

Outdoor Living’s Suntime chair looks a lot like the Escape quad with a few key differences. The first is the seat fabric; it has a wide mesh strip going down the center of the backrest, seat, and footrest. If you live in a warmer climate, having that kind of breathability could be a gamechanger. No more sweaty back after lying down for a couple of hours. 

A second difference is that there’s actually some fabric between the seat and footrest to support your legs. Having something to buoy your legs makes lying on your side possible if you want to take a nap in this chair.

Suntime also has one standout feature – the footrest can be detached. All you need to do is rotate a knob and it pops right off. If you weren’t planning on taking the whole afternoon lounge in it, now it’s a whole lot easier to get in and out of. 

While not an exceptional chair in other respects, this feature adds some versatility that is lacking in many reclining camp chairs.

The main reason anyone would choose the Suntime over a more feature-laden, more durable, or more portable camp chair is its detachable footrest. It’ll save you from buying two chairs, and that’s a good enough reason if you love versatility. 

 6. Rio Beach Reclining Camping Chair with Footrest

At first glance, you might think the Rio Beach is some sort of orthopedic chair. It has a wide headrest, lumbar pillow, and a cushy footrest. You don’t need a bad back or creaky neck to enjoy this recliner, though, just a passion for comfort. 

Best of all, this comfy lounger only weighs 11 pounds and is very easy to move around the beach or campsite.

If you’re someone who enjoys sunbathing, this will be the perfect chair for you. The headrest is removable; when it’s off, there’s a space for face down lounging. There are even armholes so you can comfortably hang them down the sides of the chair. 

When you’re upright again, a large armrest cup holder and mesh pouch are there to store all your lounging goodies.

There is just one problem with all that cushions on the Rio Beach Face – they are not the least bit breathable. Constructed in insulating memory foam, the padded sections will be really hot in the summer heat, and very sweaty.

This Rio Beach chair is a little more expensive than some of the lightweight quad models but no more than any of the folding chairs. If you prefer some extra cushions and comfort, this is probably the ideal model.

 7. GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair

The Gigatent is an excellent budget camp chair if you need something that’s one step above the average quad model. Instead of the usual draped fabric seat, this quad has padding sewn in to give it a slightly plush feel. 

It’s not nearly as cushioned as the Rio Beach Face, but more than the ALPS Mountaineer. The cup holder has a decent amount of reinforcement to give it more durability than the average camp chair.

It’s also very lightweight, a featherlight 9 pounds to be exact. It packs into a 42-inch by 8-inch bag, making this one of the best camping chairs for apartment dwellers or those short on storage space.

It’s not perfect, though; this is another footrest camp chair without any support for your legs. Not only is this design less comfortable, but it limits how you can sit in it without tipping over. The chair is also rated to just 250 pounds; middle of the road for weight capacity.

The Gigatent isn’t going to blow anyone away with its features or quality, but it’s a solidly comfortable budget model that still does everything.

 8. Kamp-Rite Chair with Removable Foot Rest

As the name suggests, this is one of the few chairs that allow you to remove the footrest when it’s not needed. It’s equally at home as a patio lounger as at a crowded Little League game. That kind of versatility is a big selling point for many consumers.

Without the footrest, it looks like any other quad camping chair with a fairly durable, though not breathable, polyester backrest and seat. 

The Kamp-Rite has not one, but two armrest cup holders in addition to a large mesh bag for accessories. Together, they make it one of the best camp chairs for those wanting a lot of storage. Surprisingly, it’s still one of the least expensive chairs.

The footrest is decent, with a piece of fabric to support your legs and balanced design. The support arms are strong (as is the rest of the chair frame) and have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It doesn’t lock into place or have any adjustment though, so don’t sit down with high expectations for comfort. 

If you’re looking for a basic quad, the Kamp-Rite is a good bet with its high-quality construction and a versatile, removable footrest.

 9. Seatopia Camping Recliner and Lounge Chair

If there’s one thing the Seatopia is good at, it’s keeping you cool on a warm day; nearly the entire seat, backrest, and the footrest are constructed of mesh. Only the outer edges are made from polyester fabric. 

Its greatest strength is also its weakness; all that mesh makes it one of the least durable reclining camp chairs. Catch a sharp edge or a rivet on your pants, and this one will be ruined in no time.

Looking beyond its construction, though, the Seatopia is an excellent camping chair, especially considering its budget-friendly price. 

It has a removable pillow, which is a nice little extra rarely seen on other reclining camping chairs. For storage, there’s a mesh pocket hanging on the left side of the seat that can hold your sunglasses, snacks, phone, or a book. 

An armrest cupholder on the opposite side can hold normal-sized bottles and cans and has a full fabric lining for extra durability.

Seatopia is one of the best reclining camping chairs with footrest if you need something inexpensive; however, durability will be an issue if it gets used every weekend.

 10. Ostrich Deluxe Reclining Camping Chair with Footrest

The Ostrich utilizes a classic beach chair design – the kind your grandfather might have taken on vacations – with a lightweight and folding aluminum frame, stretched fabric, and wooden armrests. 

It’s loaded with features, the most noticeable being the integrated head pillow with a cutout so you can lay face down, similar to a massage table, working on your tan without having your nose digging into the chair fabric – a flap flips up to cover the hole when you’re face up.

The footrest on the Ostrich has five locking positions on the chair and three on the footrest, so it can be customized for your comfort. A mesh cup holder hangs off the right armrest and can hold smaller drinks. However, the design doesn’t really permit anything too heavy without unbalancing the chair.

It also has a slightly lower weight capacity than some of its competitors, just 275 pounds. It’s not the best choice for bigger campers and doesn’t reflect well on the durability of its joints or fabric. 

Capacity most likely was sacrificed in favor of a lower weight – it’s just over nine pounds and one of the most portable reclining camp chairs out there.

The Ostrich is a fantastic choice for campers who need lots of adjustments, and it’s an especially good chair for those wanting to lie face down in their camping chair.