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Best Portable Grills for Caravans (2021 Reviews & Guide)

Portable grills are indispensable tools for caravan campers to continue having delicious food far from home. They can enhance your camping experience, but you need a reliable, durable and high-performing portable grill to achieve that. I went all out on your behalf to bring you the 5 best portable grills for caravan use. There are …

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The Best Lightweight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads for 2021

Lightweight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads

When you’re backpacking, the compactness and lightness of your camping gear really matter. But this doesn’t mean you should give up comfortable sleeping. A self-inflating sleeping pad doesn’t take more space than an extra sleeping bag in your luggage, and it will surely enhance your rest. If you’re wondering which to buy, check out the …

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The Best Tent Fans for Camping for 2021

Tent Fans for Camping

Best Tent Fan for Camping Reviews 1. OPolar Clip-On Rechargeable Fan This clip-on fan from OPolar is an excellent addition to your car camping setup; it has decent cooling power, a big battery, and runs quietly.  Small fans designed for camping are often more trouble than they’re worth. Small fan blades won’t move a lot …

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The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs for 2021

Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair Reviews 1. ALPS Mountaineering  ALPS Mountaineering really outdid themselves with the King Kong. This heavy-duty camping chair is rated to 800 lbs., which means it can theoretically hold you and a child or significant other without breaking under the burden. The basic, four-legged folding chair design is easy to set …

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